Hello! I am Mariane Pena. I started this blog as an attempt to share my experiences and learnings in life. I am excited to serve and, hopefully, inspire others through this platform.

On a daily, I am a wife and a mother to my darlings, Von and Zab. In this blog, you will be reading posts about my little family and my life experiences as a woman, wife, mother and follower of Jesus.


Having a partner to be with for the rest of my life is something that I really looked forward to having years back. In this blog, I hope to share what to expect in marriage, what worked and what works for us in handling different marriage conflicts.



A LOOOT of times, I doubt my ability and capacity to love selflessly and unconditionally until this precious baby (and will forever be my baby!) came into my life. I hope to share my learnings, struggles, and little victories as I live my daily life as a mom.


I would not love and enjoy my life as much as I do now apart from God’s grace. It all starts and ends in Jesus. I hope to share in this blog my spiritual life journey as a follower of Jesus.




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