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Happy 3rd birthday, Baby Zab!


Happy 3rd birthday to our little world changer!! It’s been an amazing 36 months with you. I am grateful to God for qualifying me to raise you as my daughter. I am in awe and filled with joy as I witness how God is powerfully walking over your life. What an honor and a privilege it is to be called your mama!❤️ Like I always tell you, you are a daughter of God. You are loved and precious in His sight. God has called you not to conform but to stand out and be set apart. He has uniquely shaped you for His purpose.

Mama and papa are both far from perfect. There will be times when we will disappoint you. We will make mistakes which can hurt you. In such times as these, hold on to Jesus. Fix your eyes on Him. We are not enough but Jesus is. He is more than enough. True joy and victory in this life can only be found and experienced in Him. Because this life is all about Jesus.
As young as you are, I pray for God to give you spiritual revelations, supernatural encounters, and a deep thirst for Continue reading


Together Again


Love tank full❤️ It was surreal seeing you again in person after 25 months. I looked at you and everything went slo-mo. Flashback of moments reminded me how God has been good to us. In a world where unfaithfulness and hopelessness became common and accepted in some marriages, you choose to take the road less traveled with me. I always thank God for blessing me with a husband like you. Even with your imperfections, you are more than enough for me. Thank you for loving me and your little twin more than you have ever loved yourself. Thank you for being selfless to the point of risking your life for us to have the best life you can possibly give. You are without a doubt my greatest blessing next to Jesus. Know that I will support and love you in every season of our lives. I am proud to be your wife. I love you!❤️
Thank You God for this short but memorable trip. A trip full of Your love, grace and favor. Unplanned but I guess You did all the planning for us. Indeed, Your ways and plans are way better than ours.🙌 We are eternally grateful.

Dare to Believe God

13590268_10206872720797693_8310505267178664924_n.jpgA few years back, I remember looking at families, friends and couples attending prayer meetings together. “Wow! They attend here as a family!” I would smile at them and walk away praying that one day, we would also attend prayer meetings as a family. But God is indeed faithful. From 2 to 3 to 4 attendees, we’re now 5 1/2! (Hello, teachers, sisters and little human!) I am grateful to God because He just knows the deepest desires of my heart. It took a while for me to realize this desire but God is already ahead as He faithfully fulfills it before I even ask Him. Thank You, God for Your goodness and faithfulness! Thank You for the perfect love of a Father. Thank You for the assurance that in Jesus, I, we can be victorious in life. #DaretoBelieve2016 #Day3 #FullofFaith